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  • The application has been payed. When is my wallet going to be recharged?

The transfer of funds to your the wallet is performed almost immediately. If it did not happen (within 10 minutes), check the status of your application in section “Applications” of your account. If there are no errors, please, contact the support service in section “Contacts”.

  • Is it possible to cancel an application?

A completed application is nonreversible. That means that by this application your funds are nonrefundable. If the application is paid but not completed, you have a possibility to return your money (less transfer commission fees charged) by e-mailing the support service from section “Contacts”

  • Is it possible to pay directly from the wallet?

Absolutely not. You can do it only through the application on the web-site. Direct payments will be returned less transfer commission fees charged

  • Is it possible to exchange more than it is reserved?

Yes, it is possible. You will need to create an application. As soon as the funds are accessible, you will be sent a notification on your e-mail, where you can find the link for continuing with an exchange.

  • What are the commission fees?

The commission fees are already included into exchange and are reflected on the step of creating an application, as well as fees for transfer of payment system.

  • I entered the wrong wallet number for receiving funds. What should I do?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel confirmed payments. If the wallet number is incorrect, in this case the payment will not be received. Thus, you have to contact us, and we are going to return you the payment less transfer commission fees charged




Спасибо большое, сегодня сделала несколько переводов и, в одном указала неправильный номер кошелька, но помогли быстро все исправить. Всем рекомендую : деньги приходят максимально быстро и по-хорошему курсу


Все супер. Быстро.


Отличный сервис! Мгновенный обмен!


Всё прошло быстро и просто


быстро провели обмен.


Обмен произвели быстро. Спасибо вам за работу!

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